Grooveball Crush

Grooveball Crush is a 3D arcade; skill based game. The objective is simple; get to the end of the path without being destroyed by other objects:

Grooveball Crush

Grooveball Crush

You simply tap the screen left or right to steer. Avoid other ball bearings or blow them up with lighting strikes to clear your path. Along the path you should also avoid holes; and collect lives (which resemble the Golden Snitch from Harry Potter’s Quidditch game):

Grooveball In-Game

Grooveball In-Game

There are 20 unique worlds to play through; the last one being an infinity level:

Grooveball Crush - Level Environments

Grooveball Crush – Level Environments

By gaining experience; your coins accumulate. You can spend these coins on purchasing a new Groove Ball with enhanced abilities:

Grooveball Selection

Grooveball Selection

If you are happy with your current Groove Ball then rather upgrade your power-ups to give you an in-game advantage:

Grooveball Power Ups

Grooveball Power Ups

The furthest I’ve gotten is level 6. You can only start from the level you died on if you have a premium account – else it’s back to level 1 for you. Here is my top score:

Dr Slater - Grooveball High Score

Dr Slater – Grooveball High Score

Grooveball Crush is free in the app store. Can you beat my score?

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