Battle Systems

Battle Systems designs and sells realistic sci-fi terrain for table top gamers and collectors:

Battle Systems Alien Invasion

Battle Systems Alien Invasion

It is a modular pod system that can combine to create the detailed interior of a space station, command centre, battleship cruiser or any other epic sci-fi interior. It can be used with a wide variety of role-playing miniature figure and gaming systems.

Sci-Fi Battle System

Sci-Fi Battle System

A multi-level Stronghold set will take about 1-2 hours to assemble the first time then from 30 minutes to an hour after.

Battle Systems Defense

Battle Systems Defense

Downloadable content on the site comes as a highly detailed set of PDF files that can be downloaded then printed from home. The label sheets are then stuck down onto standard 1.5mm mount board before cutting out and assembling.

Assembled Battle System

Assembled Battle System

Visit the Battle Systems website to see more gallery images, and to place orders. I’ve always wanted my own mini futuristic fort 🙂

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