Chronology is a free platform-adventure game about time travelling and puzzle solving.



You play as an old inventor; who somehow harnessed steam energy from the Earth in the past. However, this energy fell into the wrong hands; and through man’s greed the Earth has been destroyed in the future (sounds familiar). The story-line progresses through flashback images:

Flash Backs

Flash Backs

As the old inventor; you have to figure out what actually went wrong (by using a time machine); and with the help of a few friends along the way. Sometimes you have to chop and change between past and future to solve a problem. E.g. I needed to cross the below stream (to the right) using the monster plant. The monster plant was dehydrated in the past; so when i went to the future the plant was already dead:

Dehydrated Plant - Before and After

Dehydrated Plant – Before and After

I had to travel back into the past and give the monster plant a drink of water. After the plant was hydrated i went back into the future and it had grown big and strong which helped me cross the stream 🙂

Hydrated Plant - Before and After

Hydrated Plant – Before and After

Ok; he’s not a monster; he’s a cutie 🙂 This is a great game. I think the story-line is brilliant and fun; and the puzzle’s are a bit challenging, which is great. The first 3 chapters of the game are free, and if you like what you see you can buy the rest for around $4.00. I think it’s worth it!

First 3 Chapters Free

First 3 Chapters Free

Are you ready to time travel with me? Let’s get all Marty McFly up in here! 😎

✘ Hack It! ✘


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