Merchandise Monday #10

Today’s merchandise Monday is all about my Pokemon tazo collection. My earliest dated tazo’s are 1995 and the latest are dated 2001:

Pokemon Tazo

Pokemon Tazo

I have a few rare tazo’s and some holographic ones too:

Pokemon Tazo Holographic

Pokemon Tazo Holographic

I never used to eat the Simba chips; i’d just buy them for the tazo’s inside. The saddest moment is when you spend money just to get a tazo you already have. I keep my tazo stack in this Mickey Mouse container:

Pokemon Tazo Container

Pokemon Tazo Container

I guess you can play tazo’s in a similar way to the Pokemon card game; where you pull random tazo’s and let the element/power attack defeat your opponent. However; we used to play by putting a stack of tazo’s face down on the grass, and taking turns hitting the pile – whichever tazo’s turned face up on your hit – you got to keep them:

Pokemon Tazo

Pokemon Tazo

Does anyone else have a tazo or pog collection?

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14 thoughts on “Merchandise Monday #10

  1. I’ve never actually heard of tazos or pogs until I came across your blog. Born too late I guess! Or maybe they were just not popular where I’m from. Regardless, cool to see your collection πŸ™‚ Looking at all of the old pokemon makes me feel nostalgic.

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  2. Wow, I’ve never seen tazos before, much less PokΓ©mon tazos! I did have something a lot like it–the PokΓ©mon Battling Coin Game. They were metal coins with holographic stickers and you could play a similar game with them.


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