The Original Maze Runner

So i for one am looking forward to watching The Maze Runner, but let’s not forget the original maze runner – Pac Man (king of the maze):

The Original Maze Runner

The Original Maze Runner

Here’s a YouTube video of me playing Pac Man.

This is how Pac Man is played on Tatooine:

Star Wars Pac Man

Star Wars Pac Man

Did you know there is a horror version of Pac Man? It’s a FPS version of Pac Man – which means you cant see where the ghosts are until they’re upon you! Yikes! If you are braver than me; you can play this version of Pac Man here: FPS Pac Man.

FPS Pac Man

FPS Pac Man

Let me know how well you fare in the horror version by commenting below 🙂 This is me NOT completing the first level of FPS Pac Man. Pinky got me…

✘ Hack It! ✘



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