Giveaway – Competition!

It’s competition time on The Nerd Nebula! Are you ready for a freebie giveaway? Of course you are… So; i will be giving away some of my original artwork (as seen under Fan Art Friday) to one lucky Nerd Knight.

To enter into the draw you need to do 2 things:

1. Share this blog post link on any social media; and…

2. You have to beat my score on this free online game: Zombocalypse

Zombie game

Dr Slater’s score – Zombocalypse











I have provided the link to the game via my YouTube video (description) above. As you can see; i only managed to kill 347 zombies, which means you cannot rely on me for survival in a post-apocalyptic world; sorry :/ . You will probably beat my score within 5 minutes 🙂

Once you beat my score; post a screenshot of your killings tally in the comment section below (for validity).

The names of all Nerd Knights who qualify for an entry will be placed in my baseball cap; and one name will be pulled. Competition closes Wed 3rd Sep. I will dedicate a post to the winner; and be in touch with the winner via that persons blog; FB or Twitter (i will hunt you down to notify you – Agent Clarice Starling style).

Go now and kick some zombie butt! ‘May the odds be ever in your -‘ –> oh, wait… wrong community. I meant:

‘May the best gamer win!’ 😎

✘ Hack It! ✘



4 thoughts on “Giveaway – Competition!

  1. I don’t play zombocalypse. I’m not into zombie and bloody games. Only plants VS zombies. Is there any panther way? Does my blog count as social media? How about texting the link to my friends that have a blog? I really wanna enter!!! But I don’t have FB Or twitter D-: 😔

    Please tell me another way!!!

    ~~~ Braixetta

    Liked by 1 person

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