Galactic Spy

I spy a… Galactic Spy! Check out this cool, cute and free Star Wars online game. It’s called Galactic Spy. A puzzle game where you are given missions to use your keen eyes to seek out targets in reward for payment:

Galactic Spy - Han Solo

Galactic Spy – Han Solo

Watto is the first character you work for:

Galactic Spy - Watto

Galactic Spy – Watto

Once you find a certain number of given targets; you can approach other characters who will give you bonus missions:

Galactic Spy - R2-D2

Galactic Spy – R2-D2

Eventually you will have enough points (credits) to unlock new areas; with new scenery/ characters and missions:

Galactic Spy - Mos Eisley

Galactic Spy – Mos Eisley

Even though this is more of a kids game; you can have a laugh at some of the fine details in the scenes. I found Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones with the gold idol – cool little Easter Egg. And check out this sand boarding Jawa having a blast:

Galactic Spy - Jawa

Galactic Spy – Jawa

Also; if you get bored searching for the droids you are looking for; you can always hit up an arcade machine in Tatooine:

Galactic Spy - Tatooine

Galactic Spy – Tatooine

Let me know if you find any other cool scene details/Easter eggs if you give the game a go 🙂 Here’s the link: Galactic Spy

✘ Hack It! ✘


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