Nerd Struggle : Dating

Do you struggle with dating; as a nerd? This nerd is so funny with how he tries to break the ice with these chicks (i’m crying):

nerd struggle dating

Nerd Ice Breaker








It’s fantastic! And horrific :/ shame. Those chicks probably thought he was having a seizure or something.

What is your best nerd pickup-line? Did it work? Or how have you previously broken the ice as a nerd?

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10 thoughts on “Nerd Struggle : Dating

  1. I think no matter if you are a nerd, or if the person you are approaching is a nerd, the concept is all the same 🙂 If you appear confident and friendly, it’s all good! (Not to say that knowledge of the nerd kingdom won’t help!) hee hee

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  2. I have just made this up. Feel free to use.

    ‘I may be a square, but I have triangulated that if you and I hold hands we can form a circle and maybe have our first x’

    If he/she gets the playstation controls reference, propose to them immediately.

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