Sweet Tooth

Do you have a sweet tooth? Me too 🙂 check out these cool custom lollipops:

Sweet Tooth lollipops.

Nebulae & Solar System lollies – Sweet Tooth

Some are 3D; others are 2D. Above are 3D lollipop depictions of different nebulae and solar systems/planets.

If that doesn’t tickle your sweet tooth then check these out:

Sweet Tooth lollipops.

Batman & Zombie lollipops – Sweet Tooth

Batman lollies; and zombie apocalypse lollies! So cool; i might not even eat these, but rather keep them as art.

Oh here we go… The website selling these marshmallows said they were decorated with cat/creature eyes. All i see is a kaleidoscope of ‘The Eye of Sauron.’ Oh and skull shaped lollies:

Sweet Tooth lollipops.

‘Eye’ marshmallows & skull lollipops – Sweet Tooth


How do you satisfy your sweet tooth? Check out the link below to buy your own:

Sweet Tooth Store

✘ Hack It! ✘



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