Pet Peeve #3

So i think its time i got a new computer basically. I was thinking of a gaming PC/laptop like Alienware; any thoughts?

Technical Problem



Would you approve/ say yes to the above messages? I dont even know what they mean entirely.

Here’s Google again; bombing out on me:

Technical Problem


Whoa! Surfer dude Chrome… Oh well 🙂 its all fixed now.

Are you guys having any technical pet peeves today?

✘ Hack It! ✘


7 thoughts on “Pet Peeve #3

  1. My phone was time stamping iMessages wrong today. It’s pretty technical. I’m banking on me being in an area with almost zero reception as the cause.

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  2. Alienware is meant to be pretty good. It depends on how serious you want to be about gaming. I bought a £300.00 Dell desktop five years ago. I upgraded the graphics card for £60.00 and have never had an issue playing game. Well, except for Watchdogs but even top end pc’s struggle with that turkey of a game. Thanks Ubisoft.

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  3. I know I built my own set up but I need to do some upgrades plus the darn think just got hit with a Trojan virus so I’m having some issues at the moment. Especially writing. It almost takes the travel from the shire to mordor to get the darn thing to turn on. :\

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  4. I would recommend buying the parts and putting together yourself (it is not that hard if you are a geek and know how to Google) or any friend that is hardware savvy, it will come out much much cheaper and powerful than an Alienware.
    If you have your mind set on pre built, I highly recommend they will give you much more power for your money.
    I’m in the process of writing a post about my latest build, but between work, university and stream schedule I don’t have much time left. My build came out short of $1000.00, big disclosure I salvaged the video card and secondary HDD from my previous build. I’m also upgrading it week by week, extra memory because video editing (i.e. Adobe Premiere) needs more than 8 GB and another SSD, because I’m usually playing 3 games at a time and 250GB is not enough to hold the games I’m playing.

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