Apocalypse Supplies

When you go shopping at department or warehouse stores; do you ever think of what items you’d take if the world was ending/going in to chaos? I do. I went with my mom to this store:

warehouse store


My mom was putting in the usual stuff needed for the house. I was looking at all the potential post-apocalyptic supplies. This included gas lanterns, boxes of matches, lighters, knives, rope and tinned food.

What would you guys include on your post-apocalyptic supply list when raiding a department/warehouse store?

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12 thoughts on “Apocalypse Supplies

      • For awhile, when The Walking Dead was new and the zombie craze was at the max, Mossberg sold a “JIC … ZMB Survival Kit” (JIC = “Just In Case”). It was a damn cool pump action tactical shotgun in a waterproof case and cost less than $400 USD. I almost bought one … would probably be a collectors item someday. 🙂

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  1. My sister was watching a Harry Potter movie the other day. If I could, I would totally have a bag like Hermione’s that fits anything! (Of course, you can also think of Mary Poppins). I would probably keep a port key too so I could be whisked away to a safe place 🙂

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  2. I used to work with a great group of guys and we would plan how to survive the initial outbreak of the zombie apocalypse when the store was dead. hehe pun intended. We could see a hunting store and a hardware store and a warehouse store all within running distance. Our plans got pretty elaborate.
    Hell the CDC has a legit plan for a zombie apocalypse they say its solid for any apocalypse including zombies NO JOKE.

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  3. I used to do this, plan for the post-apocalyptic future. However, I would like to think on the fly. Pick up “useless” items that can be turned into “useful” items. I’ll take that plunger and sharpen the end. I’ll take that container to throw on top of unsuspected people/zombies. I’ll take a rake and attach more knives or scissor on them. I feel like I’m making weapons now like you do in Dead Rising.

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