Superimpose Saturday #5

Today’s Superimpose Saturday is a tribute to Robin Williams. My favorite films of his are Dead Poets Society, Aladdin, Jumanji and Hook. What are yours? Playing Jumanji in real life would be cool; i need 3 more players; anyone keen? For the Superimpose Saturday i have chosen a scene from Hook. Robin Williams played Peter Pan; and he will forever be remembered as someone who left us with ‘happy thoughts’ :

Robin Williams Pan


So what’s the happy thought that makes you fly?

✘ Hack It! ✘


2 thoughts on “Superimpose Saturday #5

  1. I love all the movies you mentioned, but I would have to add The World According to Garp, Popeye, Mrs. Doubtfire, and Bicentennial Man. Shoot, Good Will Hunting and the Fisher King too! He could make me laugh, and make me cry, and when the movie ended, even the sad ones, he left me feeling that life and love are good and everything is worth it.

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