I had no idea that this creature even existed. I came upon its cuteness about 5 minutes ago by accident. If i had seen one walking about in my backyard i would have just thought that it was a new Pokemon or something. Have you guys heard about/seen these Labbit things?

Labbit plush toy


Why didn’t you bring it to my attention! šŸ˜›

Well i am so totally putting a whole herd of these plush things on the Christmas list im giving to my brother at the end of the year…

Cyborg Labbit


What is your favorite Labbit design? I’m liking the cyborg one.

āœ˜ Hack It!Ā āœ˜


9 thoughts on “Labbit

  1. According to the Urban Dictionary, the guy who created these things said the name came about due to a Japanese typo …

    “about 10 years ago I did version of the Rabbit with a company in Japan. It was supposed to be ‘Smokin’ Rabbit, but they printed it ‘Smorkin Labbit which sounds about 1 billion times cooler so thus it became REAL.”

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