Fan Art Friday #4

Its Friday again! Here is my Johnny Depp drawing (all ink):

Johnny Depp drawing


A friend actually asked me to draw this. I’m not hugely obsessed with Johnny Depp; i think he’s ok. I guess i think the role of Captain Jack Sparrow suited him best. What is your favorite JD film/character?

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14 thoughts on “Fan Art Friday #4

  1. The best ever Johnny Depp role was as George Jung in the movie Blow. He was perfect for that role. His second best role was as Donnie Brasco. All that Jack Sparrow stuff in comparison is just crap.


  2. I like Johnny Depp, but… aaah pirates… are kinda my thing when men are concerned :P. I actually first became a fan when Sleepy Hollow came out. I love dark, Gothic, atmospheric films. Sweeney Todd is probably one of my favourites even though I normally don’t like musicals and wasn’t expecting much. Nice drawing by the way.

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  3. Great drawing! I love Johnny Depp 🙂 In my opinion he always plays interesting characters. There’s so many movies of his that I love, as the person mentioned above, there’s Sweeney Todd which has great music! Chocolat is one that I have always liked too. And of course Edward Scissorhands! But I think my favorite has to be the movie Benny and Joon. His character was really quite eccentric in that one 🙂

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  4. My friends in high school LOVED Johnny Depp. I dont care what movie it was when it came out in theaters they went to go see it. My fav movie by him is The Secret Window. Just the mind twisting plot to it. My mom couldnt stand it because of the part where his ex walks in looking for him and the walls say
    shooter, shooter, SHOOT HER. When i saw that part I was like gurl get out the house before he kills you right now.
    n I s saw that part I was like omgoodness girl get thr hell

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