I’m obsessed with this game i have on my phone. I downloaded it from the app store a few months ago. I’ts free and called dEXTRIS. You get 1 point for every spike you dodge. For every 10 spikes you dodge; you start moving faster and it becomes more difficult to dodge the spikes. If you hit the spike you blow up into ‘glowy bits’ :

dEXTRIS gamer


By dodging a pre-determined number of spikes; you can unlock new colour schemes. My favorite theme is ‘chiller’ but im yet to unlock ‘unicorn’ which sounds sexy:


dEXTRIS gamer








My high score is 124 dodged spikes. Can you beat my score? Send me your screenshot 🙂









Here is a link to show you some game-play of a gamer on YouTube: dEXTRIS.

✘ Hack It! ✘


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