The Last of Us

I had an itch to play The Last of Us today:

last of us


I remember the sleepless nights i had after encountering a cluster of Clickers. Zombie/apocalypse games never get old for me.

last of us


I’m playing on easy mode (again). Have any of you played on survivor mode? Tell me all about it 🙂 and how you had to put your life on hold to finish it 🙂


last of us gamer








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15 thoughts on “The Last of Us

  1. I’m playing this on Survivor, played on Normal last time. It’s not too bad, just need to remember where enemies were if you don’t get through a first encounter. Don’t know how I’d handle Grounded without HUD though, lol.

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  2. I’ve been meaning to put the game back in again. After all it is my favorite game ever.

    I just might do the survivor mode this time. If I do, I’ll tell you how it’s like to go from Hard to Survivor.

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  3. hello nerd nebula its dennis the vizsla dog hay dada playd this but not on survivor mode he barely finishd it on regyoolar mode!!! he kalls this game the wun wot has the girl wot luks like ellen page but is not ellen page!!! ok bye


  4. Thought I was one of the few out there who felt this sudden urge to play The Last of Us. It’s so amazing and yeah.. definitely put my life on hold while playing it, luckily I was on vacations 😀 Enjoy and you’re brave for playing survivor mode lol

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  5. Such a fun game. Hard mode was a blast, but Survivor was so stressful it felt like work!

    You should try the multiplayer! If you have friends to play with, it’s crazy how intense it can get! Check out Interrogation mode, if you do.

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