Green Run: Farm/Survival

We’ve been playing Call of Duty Black Ops 2 today. Nothing better than zombie killing on a Sunday:

zombie survival


You know that feeling when you get the Ray Gun from the mystery box? Yea; that feeling that cant be described – well its the same feeling you get when you unwrap the exact Christmas present you were hoping for:

zombie survival farm


Yes; i died getting this ^ picture for you Nerd Knights. What difficulty setting do you play zombies on? Of course i usually play on easy 🙂 . I’ve gotten as far as round 18 by myself on easy (with 2 Ray Guns) on the original Nazi Zombie. On original difficulty i’ve only gotten to round 6 on Green Run; with just normal weapons.

zombie kill score


Send me your in-game screenshots 🙂 .

✘ Hack It! ✘


4 thoughts on “Green Run: Farm/Survival

  1. Zombies! Oh how I miss thee! With all my CoD titles on the PS3 that is now somewhat dead (it works, but the laser is shot), whether I dream of getting the ray gun is moot.

    Argh.. now you have me upset the PS3 is dead because I miss zombies. Damn you PS3, damn you! I guess I’ll just go and die lots playing BF4 on the PS4.

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      • That’s where I’m conflicted – while the newer gen consoles do provide more power, I don’t see myself purchasing titles I’ve already owned on the older gen models. So instead, I guess I wait for a newer title to frag zombies with little to no abandon. 😀

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