Cerise City

I have written my first fiction novel! >crazy roaring cheer< It is called Cerise City:

Cerise City


Here is the book’s synopsis:

The travel demands of being a journalist have uprooted the opulent Shannon from her civilized daily routine. She has pursued an article on crime which has led her treacherously to the isolated and infernal location of Cerise City. Once in the confines of the hellish city; Shannon unearths an entirely new investigative story for her vocation. The patrolling habits of the ‘Elite’ gang along the outskirts of Cerise was the precursor that sparked Shannon’s intuition; believing that within the city a greater truth was being hidden from the rest of the world. Shannon soon discovers that a greater mystery is indeed afoot within Cerise; unparalleled to her original article on petty crimes. Cerise City is an old oil mining town; and the wealth of the city is now proficiently guarded by Virgil’s ruthless Elite.

Unfortunately, chasing this truth has put Shannon on a formidable path. With every moment spent within the sinister city; her deplorable circumstances become exceedingly worse. Over time; Cerise has been consigned to oblivion, and one remaining violent gang; led by Virgil; intends for the city to remain forgotten. To the ‘Elite’ gang; the value of life means nothing when it comes to containing the secrets and lies of the city. Knowing what is hunting her; Shannon decides to employ a strategy of stealth; to ensure her own survival; and the needed exposure of her article.

With a small stroke of fortune; Shannon eventually meets a young, but rather dangerous boy, who has also found the need to employ survivalist tactics within the city. The journalist decides to remain on with the young criminal teenager. Despite the young boy’s tendency for defensive violence; Shannon manages to find comfort in the better part of the boy’s hospitable nature. Skyler promised his late sister that he would protect any innocent person from the dangers within Cerise. However, saving Shannon’s life in not the only thing on Skyler’s priority list. Virgil’s Elite have kidnapped Skyler’s three year old daughter with the intention of bartering her life for Skyler’s district of Cerise – in the hope of gaining access to a greater share of the city’s oil.

What do you guys think? If you are hungry for more; i’ll send you an electronic copy via email for just $1.50 (it’s cheaper than a cup of coffee – and it lasts longer too) 🙂 .

My PayPal email is pellew06@gmail.com if you are keen 🙂 thanks in advance for the support!

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7 thoughts on “Cerise City

  1. The title, I think, is really good. It doesn’t scream over-the-top APOCALYPSE like a lot of titles do, while at the same time “Cerise City” sounds kind of mysterious. It’s a title I would pick up in a bookstore to read the blurb on the back cover. 🙂

    Cerise City, by the way, sounds like a great place for Snake Plissken to hang out!

    Liked by 1 person

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