Super Powers

In BioShock; plasmids are special serums that introduce modified stem cells into the body, allowing for genetic modification and mutation, giving the user what some might call “super powers”.







Here’s the list:

Cyclone Trap: Spawns a mini-tornado which flings any Splicer who steps on it into the air.





Electro Bolt: Sends a jolt of electricity to electrocute an opponent or to open a few locked doors in Rapture.





Enrage: Causes the target to attack anyone in the near vicinity.





Hypnotize Big Daddy: Hypnotizes a Big Daddy into thinking the user is a Little Sister, and it will protect you for a short time.





Incinerate: Sets the target on fire, dealing damage over time. Also ignites any flammable object in the firing radius.





Insect Swarm: Spawns a swarm of bees which will hone in on the nearest enemy, damaging them as well as distracting them from the player.





Security Bullseye: Causes all Security Devices in the area to attack the target.





Sonic Boom: Creates a powerful burst of air in front of the user, knocking back any enemy or object caught in the blast as well as dealing them damage.





Target Dummy: Spawns a hologram that distracts any enemy, allowing the user to escape.





Telekinesis: Pulls the targeted object towards the user and allows them to throw it forward, dealing physical damage to anything it hits.





Winter Blast: Temporarily freezes the target, allowing them to be shattered using another weapon.





What is your favorite BioShock super power?

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