Greatest Gaming Villains

By ‘greatest’ i just mean pure evil; pebble in your shoe; what would we do without you… Here they are:


Mario’s nemesis and occasional ally is persistent. Few other villains would attempt to kidnap the same princess twice, let alone even more times over the last 29 years.










When ‘the cake is a lie’ writing on the wall appeared – i knew GLaDOS was evil. Acting as guide, narrator and final boss, her sinister wit is an example to evil geniuses everywhere.








The Great King of Evil has been the eternal arch enemy of Link and Zelda. His attempts to gain control of the sacred Triforce and destroy the land of Hyrule have seen him take many forms, and he usually plans to kidnap the princess.

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Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde

The lovable yet infuriating ghosts have remained largely unchanged since their first appearance in 1980.








Gary Oak

Gary is a rival Pokemon trainer who manages to stay one step ahead of the player throughout the game.






Liquid Ocelot

The most recurring villain in the Metal Gear Solid series worked his way up from rookie double agent to world-threatening megalomaniac.









The Borgias

Lucrezia Borgia is just one of this extended clan of Templars. They aim to subvert the assassins and are utterly ruthless with their power.









Dr Nefarious

He created an army of Amoeboids to infest Blackwater City. After that he unleashed the Biobliterator, a doomsday device that turns all organic life into robots so that he could convert all under his “benevolent, iron-fisted rule.”










Cactus-shaped beasties that sneak up on players and explode. Hiss.








Did i leave out your favorite villain? Let me know 🙂

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