Half Life 3

Are you a gaming addict? Us too! With that being the case; Valve’s Half Life series needs no introduction.

The Half Life games are indeed timeless; we have played them over and over again – however, we have always hoped that a new part of the series was just on the horizon.










Half Life 2 was the last installment of the series (2007); and having waited this long since then; we are happy to provide you with some evidence that Half Life 3 is on its way!

In May; an ex-employee of Valve (Minh Le) had the following to say:

I think it’s kind of public knowledge, that people know that it is being worked on. And so if I were to say that yeah, I’ve seen some images, like some concept art of it, that wouldn’t be big news to be honest. I guess I could say that I did see something that looked kinda like in the Half-Life universe.

Fingers Crossed – we hope Half Life 3 is on its way soon!

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One thought on “Half Life 3

  1. I just replayed Portal and Portal 2, man those games are great. They did however leave me wanting more. No one makes games like Valve and it’s been a long time since I’ve gotten my fix. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that valve releases another brilliant game soon.

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